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The COC Board of Directors, administrative leadership, and staff are committed to effectively guiding and assisting persons with developmental disabilities to maintain equality, integrity, and respect throughout their lives.

Because life is filled with choices, responsibilities, obligations, and opportunities, it is COC's mission to help people achieve their greatest potential. COC is directed by a diverse board that includes individuals supported by COC, their family members, and advocates from the community. Services and homes supported by COC are consistently recognized during audits and visitations for meeting quality measurements and being person-centered.

Our Mission

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The mission of COC is to provide quality housing and comprehensive support for people with developmental disabilities and to provide assistance and advocacy that helps them become independent and involved citizens in their communities.

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Over the past five decades, COC has operated with an underlying philosophy that includes:

  • Consistently supporting the concept that persons with developmental disabilities have a choice of where to live and how to spend both their daytime activities and leisure time.
  • Ensuring that individuals are aware of the range of available housing options from which they may seek alternatives.
  • Consistently measuring itself on qualitative metrics, rather than the size of its homes or who owns them. It is our mission to provide well-staffed, quality housing opportunities that are safe, homey, environmentally friendly, allow for movement within the community, are located close to work opportunities, and feature other amenities that make for a high quality living condition.
  • Believing that when all persons know their rights and when all providers are measured on the same qualitative metrics, size and ownership become meaningless indicators.
  • Continuing to be a strong partner of the Detroit-Wayne Integrated Health Network and an outspoken advocate for services for persons affiliated with COC.
The Opportunity for Independence
We're committed to helping the individuals we support stay active and lead fuller, more enriching lives through community involvement and employment opportunities.
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