Homes We Support

COC supports a variety of homes for persons with developmental disabilities in the communities of Plymouth, Livonia, Redford, and Garden City.

These homes are located within walking distance to city centers and other activity-filled areas that enable the persons we support to live as involved citizens who truly feel at home in the city where they live. The close proximity to downtowns, shopping centers, movie theaters, restaurants, parks, and more ensures that generations of persons supported by COC will have easy access to their communities.  Including those listed below COC supports approximately 80 people who live among more than 19 home settings.

COC also offers staff support at homes and condominiums owned by families, including:

  • A condominium in downtown Plymouth that is home to siblings
  • A home in Livonia that is home to two men
  • A home in Plymouth for one individual
  • A home in Livonia for two women


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The Opportunity for Independence
We're committed to helping the individuals we support stay active and lead fuller, more enriching lives through community involvement and employment opportunities.
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