Community Enrichment Services

Are you interested in pursuing more support services for your loved one with a developmental disability, but not ready for residential services yet?


Community Enrichment Services (CES)

Services Offered:

  • Leisure activities
  • Productive volunteer activities
  • Supported employment
  • Social/Relationship building activities
  • Utilization of Community resources
  • Education for families regarding publicly funded programs and services
  • Transportation services (embedded along with staffing hours to travel to/from activities)

How to get started:

  • Contact Andrea Bey at our main office to make an intake appointment
  • Participate in a Person Centered Plan (PCP) meeting to identify preferences, interests and support services needed
  • Work with CES to build your desired, personal schedule of activities within your home and in the community
  • Work with CES to access funding for staffing and transportation through your MCPN
  • Work with CES to identify staff to begin helping your loved one with achieving personal goals and enjoying favorite activities.
The Opportunity for Independence
We're committed to helping the individuals we support stay active and lead fuller, more enriching lives through community involvement and employment opportunities.
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